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Bakuyukai / 縛友会

In 2005, Miura Takumi (神浦匠) organized an afternoon of kinbaku performances in honor of grandmaster Akechi Denki (明智伝鬼) who had just passed away.

The event took place in Shinjuku Nichome, and among the performers were rope dominatrix Kano Chiaki (狩野千秋), eronawa specialist Harutokyo (春兜京), Miura Takumi, and Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) with superstar Asagi Ageha (浅葱アゲハ).

Among the illustrious guests were NuideTokyo as well as Harukumo (春蜘), licensed Osada-ryu instructor, licensed Yukimura-ryu instructor, and owner of the Harukumo Juku in Zurich.

Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) with superstar Asagi Ageha (浅葱アゲハ)

Miura Takumi (神浦匠)